Developed private islands up for grabs

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With all the stress and noise of today’s fast lifestyle, retreating to enjoy the peace and quiet of mother nature is a priority for many. But the atmosphere at even the nicest resort can be ruined by that one, noisy guest. One solution could be to buy your own island. For those with the means, or who just want to dream, here are some developed islands for sale. All are under five acres and priced from US$1 million to US$10 million.


Danmarks Holme, Stockholm, Sweden

Danmarks Holme 1

Danmarks Holme 2

This 2.4-acre island, located close to Stockholm, has three houses and three cottages that sit on roughly 3,444 sq ft. There are a number of small storage sheds and two large wooden docks for berthing boats.

In Stockholm, the “strandskydd” rule mandates that buildings cannot be built within 300m of the shoreline. But Danmarks Holme is an exception as it has been occupied since the 1600s and there were many existing buildings on the island when the rule was implemented in 1952.

The sale is being handled by Vladi Private Islands and the island is selling for US$7,841,673.


Dinisonan Island, Palawan, the Philippines

Dinisonan Island 1

Dinisonan Island 2

Dinisonan Island 3

A 3,200 sq ft, 4-bedroom, 2½-bath house has been built on the 0.7-acre island. A solar panel system carries 2,000 watts and 2,000 amp hours of batteries with charge controllers.

It is 15 minutes away from Port Barton, a 2½-hour drive from Puerto Princesa, a coastal city on Palawan Island in western Philippines. The island is located in a protected bay, ensuring easy access at all times. It is selling for US$1 million through Vladi Private Islands.


Haapiti Rahi, Bora Bora, Society Islands, French Polynesia

Haapiti Rahi 1

Haapiti Rahi 2

The 2.39-acre island is located in the famous Bora Bora lagoon, in the shadows of Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu. There are two houses — a 2,000 sq ft main house and a 1,000 sq ft guest house. The island is accessible by boat. Haapiti Rahi is known for its lush tropical landscape. It is selling for US$5.85 million through Vladi Private Islands.


Isla Centinela, Avila, west of Madrid, Spain

Isla Centinela 1

Isla Centinela 2

An hour from Spain’s capital, Madrid, and Madrid airport, lies the 2.47-acre Isla Centinela. On it is a castle built in the 1920s that is equipped with eco-friendly and modern technologies. It has solar power and a biodegradable solid waste disposal system. The castle is constructed over the remains of an old watchtower overlooking the River Alberche, which is how the island earned its name “Isla Centinela” (Watchtower Island).

For a few months a year, when the water level is low, a path emerges and the island is accessible by foot. It has its own jetty and can be yours for US$4,223,600 through Vladi Private Islands.


Jewel Caye, Cockney Range Area, Belize

Jewel Caye 1

Jewel Caye 2

The two-acre Jewel Caye is located about 10km east of the mouth of Sittee River Bar and Hopkins Village. There are two master houses — both with built-ups of 2,000 sq ft — located on the north and south of the island. In addition, there are two duplexes with lofts that have built-ups of 1,120 sq ft.

The island has two separate title deeds, one parcel to the north and the other to the south. The buildings are all solar powered and if there is a need for additional power, there is a 18KW generator. Satellite television and WiFi are available. It is selling for US$3.15 million, handled by Private Islands Online.


Lobster Island, North Eleuthera, Bahamas

Lobster Island 1

Lobster Island 2

The 3.47-acre Lobster Island is located in the North Eleuthera area, about 8km south of Spanish Wells and 2.4km west of North Eleuthera. Several direct daily commercial flights from Florida and Georgia on the US mainland and Nassau, Bahamas, service North Eleuthera Airport, which is close to the island. It is within reach of shops, five-star restaurants and so on.

The 2,600 sq ft main house has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. There are two cottages, both with one bedroom and one bathroom. The most attractive building is the 8,000 sq ft Sea House, which is built over the sea.

The sheltered docks can accommodate several boats. The island’s electricity supply comes from North Eleuthera and there are several backup generators that switch on automatically in case of a power failure. There is WiFi throughout the island. It is selling for US$7.5 million through Spanish Wells Realty and Private Islands Online.


Navy’s Acre, Ontario, Canada

Navy’s Acre 1

Navy’s Acre 2

The 1.5-acre island is located in the heart of Sans Souci, Georgian Bay. There are three buildings — the main cottage, guest cottage and master cottage. Located a little further away from the cottages is a cabin that has two sets of bunk beds.

The main cottage is 1,128 sq ft and serves as the central gathering place. It features a living room, kitchen, dining area, bathroom and a 300 sq ft family room. The 500 sq ft, 2-storey guest cottage has three bedrooms, a bathroom and a 240 sq ft utility room. The 400 sq ft master cottage consists of one bedroom and a bathroom. The sale is being handled by Moffat Dunlap Real Estate and Private Islands Online for US$1,688,880.


Laguna Azul, Popa Island, Panama

Laguna Azul 1

Laguna Azul 2

The 2.47-acre island is located within Popa Island, inside a bay off Zapatillas Key, which is about a 35-minute boat ride away from Bocas del Toro. It has direct access to the protected waters of Bocas del Toro province and the nearest beach is 15 minutes away by boat. A 12,916 sq ft, 14-bedroom main house is built right on the sea. Even though the two-storey house is being offered as a private residence, it can be used as a boutique hotel. The property is an eco-building with a rainwater harvesting system and solar panels. It also has a 15KW generator. It is selling for US$1.48 million through Private Islands Online.


North Saddle Caye, Placencia, Stann Creek, Belize

North Saddle Caye 1

North Saddle Caye 2

At exactly four acres, North Saddle Caye is the only fully self-sustaining island in Belize, which makes it unique. The buildings include twin luxury villas and two guest cottages. The wall-to-wall glass doors of the buildings can withstand up to Category 4 hurricane conditions. On the west of the island is a deep natural lagoon that can accommodate large boats. It is selling for US$6 million through Vladi Private Islands.

This article first appeared in City & Country, a pullout of The Edge Malaysia Weekly, on Dec 26, 2016. Subscribe here for your personal copy.



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