JLL introduces virtual reality tool

KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 9): Real estate consultancy JLL has introduced VR360, a new technology application that allows clients to watch their real estate projects being built from anywhere in the world.

According to JLL in a statement, the virtual reality tool captures 360-degree spherical images through a series of cameras at the project site. By logging into an online application, clients can explore their building projects and look around in all directions, mimicking a real life site visit.

Providing transparency from the start to finish of a project, VR360 Services enables clients to track the progress of their building closely, identify any problems, and highlight potential issues that may impact the future fit-out or design.

“The service lets our clients stay on top of their projects by bridging geographical barriers and bringing them closer to their sites. They can log in from a computer, tablet or mobile device and have a virtual walk through the spaces in their own time,” said JLL Asia Pacific’s project and development services managing director Martin Hinge.

He added that another advantage of the service provides is the recording of wall, floor and ceiling construction, including electrical and mechanical plumbing systems.

“This will transform the way clients manage their facilities in future as they can better plan refurbishments and repairs like building in additional power points or repairing blocked pipes,” Hinge noted.

One of the early adopters of the application, a multinational technology company with significant Asia Pacific presence, has successfully implemented VR360 Services in its latest construction projects in China and Singapore, allowing stakeholders to watch their sites at every stage of development from Malaysia, India, Singapore, Vietnam and the US.

“VR360 Services also provides seamless communication so we can resolve on-site issues together,” said Ian Chadsey, JLL Asia Pacific’s solutions development director.

“New technology is having a profound impact on the real estate industry,” he added.



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