The Parque Residences — Maximum indulgences at minimum fuss


The Parque Residences

Like an exquisite diamond in a diminutive box, The Parque Residences in Eco Sanctuary are cosy little homes packed with luxurious elements.

Besides full-fledged lifestyle facilities within a resort setting, it offers a dedicated care-and-wellness service centre. The Eco Sanctuary Care Hub operated by Managedcare Sdn Bhd marks a first in Malaysia, where a dedicated facility with nurses on standby 24/7 is incorporated into a residential development.

According to Ho Kwee Hong, Divisional General Manager of Eco Sanctuary, the Eco Sanctuary Care Hub aims to provide residents easy access to professional care, giving total peace of mind. 

With the 24-hour nurse service, its nurses can be called upon even at midnight for emergencies. “They are just a call away. This is useful in emergencies because the nurse can arrive at your doorstep within minutes. They will be able to administer first-aid while they call for additional support,” Ho highlights. Residents in each unit are entitled to a doctor’s consultation once a month.

The Care Hub is also equipped to give mid-level care services with additional charges. These include post-surgery care, dressing change, insulin injections, caregiving assistance for stroke patients, or even physiotherapy. The development itself offers rehabilitation equipment in its gym and swimming pool. “Instead of staying in a hospital, everyone can enjoy the comfort of home while having all these services at hand,” she adds.

Medical escort service can also be requested for immobile patients who need to make hospital visits. “As trained personnel, they are capable of taking note of the doctor’s prescription and updating all necessary information to the family members,” Ho explains. Run by a group of professionals experienced in providing care and medication management service, Ho says, its services can be expanded to meet future needs.


The Care Hub offers an innovative range of in-house services to enhance overall well-being. Called the Circles of 5 Wellness Programme, it encompasses physical, social, mental, emotional and financial aspects.

Residents can look forward to activities such as zumba sessions, cooking classes, day trips, festive get-togethers, as well as financial-planning workshops. “To help alleviate mental stress, we will arrange for talks on stress-related topics or one-to-one consultations,” says Ho.

The Parque Residences


The Parque Residences is envisioned to cultivate a close-knit community like in the good old days when neighbours are like an extended family. To encourage this, the development is designed to host various interactive communal activities, such as gazebos, par courses, jogging tracks, sports courts and an engaging playground, plus a private garden.

“The garden for instance, does not just supply vegetables and herbs for its residents, but is another avenue for them to come together and participate in urban farming, with guidance from our experts,” Ho says. 

The Parque Residences
Book Nook reading area.

She believes friendships and a strong community bond can keep depression away, especially during the golden years. “Our older folks at home can feel lonely, even if you have two maids taking care of them. Most of the time, they have no one to talk with. This could also be true of the full-time housewives. Here, we advocate an active social life for all ages,” she asserts.

Besides festive celebrations and regular get-togethers, in the pipeline are day trips to local attractions and outings for both the young and old. A shuttle service provides free transportation to designated places such as shopping malls once a week.

The engagement beyond the four walls of the house, along with social connections, promotes emotional health. “We want to take the lead in getting the community to bond. After three to five years, when the management committee takes over, the culture would have been set to continue,” Ho envisions. 


Spanning an area of 27 acres, or roughly the size of 15 football fields, The Parque Residences is one of the lowest-density resort-like condominiums in the Klang Valley. With only 40 units per acre, the density is less than half the development, a real luxury compared to typical developments in the Klang Valley.

The Parque Residences
Zenergy gym.

The built-ups ranging from 516 sq ft to 1,388 sq ft are a boon in today’s busy world. Whether you are a young professional or a matured single, the maintenance-friendly layouts reduce the hassle and cost of housekeeping, freeing you to focus on what really matters. Likewise for growing families, they can concentrate on spending quality time together.

For the retirees, the fuss-free abodes allow them to leave for vacations without having to worry about security or watering their plants.  

“When your kids have grown up, you want a different lifestyle. You don’t want a big house that takes considerable effort to maintain. You can outsource the house-cleaning so you have more time for health and wellness-related activities,” Ho propounds. 

Though the dimensions seem modest, each unit is cleverly designed to create spaciousness. Some larger units have double-volume ceiling heights in the living area. Ample windows facilitate natural lighting and ventilation. The deep balconies can fit a six-seater dining table, where guests can dine while drinking in the verdant view. 


Ho reveals that some buyers intend to use their units as holiday homes. This is because the enclave is an inviting retreat, from the entrance’s concierge service, full-fledged resort-like facilities to the external modern tropical architecture.

The Parque Residences
Interior view of The Revel entertainment room.

Complemented by 25 facilities within a 20,000 sq ft clubhouse, residents can enjoy resort living and indulge in activity-driven sports or pampering pleasures. The concept is augmented by an 88-acre common park within Eco Sanctuary, just next to The Parque Residences’ boundary.

The Parque Residences itself boasts 12 acres of greens and lakes, which is 44% of the development, a proportion way above normal developments. A dedicated forest park with transplanted matured trees, together with an orchard, make up close to an acre of verdant foliage for the residents to enjoy, besides the tree-lined podiums. “The greens here are more bounteous than even landed houses,” says Ho. 

The generous recreational spaces are also part of its efforts to cultivate a protected milieu for children to explore and engage with Mother Nature which will help them develop greater resilience and resourcefulness.

Another thoughtful detail is the gravel beach, which not only enhances the aesthetics but promotes reflexology benefits. What’s more, residents can also catch the sunset as the pool deck is strategically-oriented to do so.


Eco Sanctuary launched its first commercial shops in mid-2016. By end-2018, when The Parque Residences is ready for residents to take over vacant possession, a community mall located just a stone’s throw away will be open to supply daily needs and F&B.

In line with EcoWorld’s vision of building not just for the present but the future, The Parque Residences is a testament of the developer foreseeing what tomorrow needs.



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