8 reasons high-rises are climbing the popularity chart

WHEN CK Lau’s family decided to shift from a spacious semi-dee house to a smaller 1,279 sq ft condo unit five years ago, relatives and friends wondered if the Laus were having trouble making ends meet. After all, the prevailing culture dictates that bigger is better.

Over subsequent visits though, their kins and mates began to see the Laus have not compromised on their living comfort with their relocation.

In fact, Lau tells TheEdgeProperty.com, the list of advantages have so impressed one couple that they are considering a similar move into a condo now that their youngest child has left for her degree pursuit in the UK.

Indeed, with location being a pertinent consideration, high-rise living has now become the trend in land-precious city domains.

Incidentally, evolving demographics have seen family units getting smaller, young singles seeking greater privacy, and retirees living more independently. On the other hand, there are those who prefer to live with their extended family and may go for dual key units.

In a corresponding move, various innovative concepts and facilities have emerged from property developers to cater to the demand, be they condominiums, serviced apartments or versatile suites.

To each his own

Nevertheless, before you start to dispute the following discourse, this is just a general review and not meant to be a life-and-death guide on living options. A satisfied landed householder may possibly cite 8 good reasons their homes are better grounded because eventually, it all boils down to our needs and lifestyle preferences.

This story first appeared in TheEdgeProperty.com pullout on March 31, 2017. Download TheEdgeProperty.com pullout here for free.

from TheEdgeProperty.com http://www.theedgeproperty.com.my/content/1112054/8-reasons-high-rises-are-climbing-popularity-chart


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